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The Process:
What to expect

Scheduling an appointment

Referral and Initial Contact: The assessment process often begins with a referral from a healthcare provider, school, or individual seeking assistance. A phone call to our office at 512-707-2782 is the first step.  Unfortunately, testing cannot be scheduled via email.  Note: adults (18 years old and older) must schedule their appointment unless he/she has an authorized legal representative.  


Clinical Interview

Clinical Interview: This is usually the first step in the assessment process. It involves a structured or semi-structured conversation between the psychologist and the client and/or guardian.   During the interview, the psychologist gathers information about the individual's presenting concerns, personal history, family background, medical history, and any other relevant factors.



Psychological Testing: Depending on the purpose of the assessment and the specific needs of the individual, various psychological tests may be administered. These tests can assess cognitive abilities, personality traits, emotional functioning, behavioral patterns, and specific mental health symptoms and may be administered by a trained psychometrist.  


Behavioral Observations

Behavioral Observations:  These observations provide valuable information about the individual's social skills, coping mechanisms, and overall functioning.


Collateral Information (if applicable)

In addition to information obtained directly from the individual, collateral information from family members, friends, teachers, or other relevant sources may be gathered to gain a comprehensive understanding of the individual's functioning and behavior.


Integration and Interpretation of findings

Once all relevant information has been collected, the assessor synthesizes and interprets the findings to formulate a comprehensive understanding of the individual's psychological functioning. This involves integrating data from various sources (e.g., interview, test results, observations) to identify strengths, weaknesses, patterns, and any areas of concern.


Report Writing

The results of the assessment are typically documented in a formal report, which includes a summary of findings, diagnostic impressions (if applicable), and recommendations for intervention or treatment.  The report may be emailed to the client prior to the feedback session to allow the client the opportunity to formulate questions.  Sometimes, a test feedback session is required before the report may be released.  If a client/guardian has any questions about the report, they are encouraged to schedule a feedback session by calling our office at 512-707-2782.  

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